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10 Best Online Jobs Easy For Everyone


  1. Facebook online jobs

Billions of people use facebook for sharing different information ranging from chatting with friends or love wants, sharing of pictures, playing games, etc…..

But a lot are unaware that millions of people are smiling home with a lot of cash each day by using these social platforms. There are many ways users can make money using their Facebook account online. You can earn money through your profile or by creating a page. You can even get paid for likes. Another way is through using Facebook Business, Facebook marketplace, Facebook groups and so on…….

  1. Online tutor jobs

If you have a deep passion for teaching and you are looking for another passive income then this could be the right opportunity which is best for you.

Online tutor jobs are becoming so much on demand and can become another source of generating income for you. A lot of cash can be made through online teaching to students in Nigeria, Italy, Canada, and the world over.

There are many websites that you could go for these services, ranging from $25 and above per hour.

  1. Online writing jobs

If your interest is in writing stuff, then this could be the best opportunity for you to developed and earn money while exercising what you love best online.  Online writing jobs are becoming more popular and much on demand because of the popup of many websites on the internet, which require content for the updating of their sites.

You can be paid from $4 to $20 per article depending on the content length on demand. There are many websites where you can find online writing jobs and few of them are, Fiverr, Elance, and so many. Even if you don`t have any idea of writing but want to earn money through this online job, then you can learn and start practising and follow blogs like copy blogger to become a good writer. Once you are good to write, you can join the above-mentioned sites, get the writing jobs and start making money.

  1. Blogging and Affiliate

Blogging is a very great online job user can engage themselves in and make a lot of money from. Want can create a free or paid blog and make money from the blog.

There are three 3 steps to start this:

  1. Create a blog(it very easy)
  2. Publish quality content once a week
  3. Promote your blog

There are a number of ways to make money from your blog. One of the ways is Google Adsense, you can get paid every time a visitor on your blog clicks on any Adsense ad. Promoting affiliate product s from your blog is another way to make some appreciable income, sometimes much better than Google Adsense. The most interesting thing about this is that an affiliate can earn excellent income even if you work part-time.

  1. Easy online jobs

This is a website where you can make money simply by completing simple offers and tasks like writing short articles, watching a video, reviewing a product work on taking short surveys, like or comment a video, social profile or product and writing a short article.

It takes just but about 10-20 minutes daily to achieved such works or tasks online. And it can earn you about $0.5 to $5 for completing each task. All you need to succeed is to join a very good and legit website.

  1. Online survey jobs

Another best way to make money online is through online internet online surveys, different companies ask for your opinion on their product or services, so that they can increase their sales.

All you need to do is to signup with these different companies who provide these online jobs. Once you join with online survey companies. They will send you the surveys in your email.

You can complete them and get paid. The major problem here is, there are few handfuls of companies who are genuine, provide survey and pay for them.

  1. Google online jobs

Million of people around the world who work for Google online jobs trust the company blindly. As a matter of facts, Google pays billions of dollars every year to publishers and content creators from all over the world. There are several ways to make money through Google online but let’s exploit these three 3 most popular ones below:

  1. Google AdSense

Many Adsense publishers globally are earning from online jobs, one can make from $100 to $20,000 + per month with this Google online job. Below are simple steps to earn through Google AdSense:

.create a blog. (it`s very easy to create a blog and it hardly takes 30 minutes to set up an excellent blog)

.publish regular content on your blog( everything you know marketing, engineering, agroeconomic, entertainment, banking, politics  e.t.c )

.Apply for Google Adsense

.Once your Adsense account is approved, place Adsense Ads on your blog.

. Start earning for each and every time your visitor clicks on Adsense ads.


Thousands of people are opening a youtube channel daily and showing their skills on youtube through creating videos. Because not only do they have the

Potential of making money for their users but can also make them instant internet celebrity. Once the channel becomes popular they start earning hundreds or thousands of dollars through the ads in their videos. Opening a channel is as easy as creating an email account.

Follow the step below to achieve it:

. start a youtube channel

.create a video through your mobile

.Upload your video on youtube

.Wait until you get a good number of subscribers

.Apply for the youtube partner program

.Start earning from youtube after getting the approval.

3.Google 0pinion Rewards etc.

The last on my list is Google opinion Rewards. This, however, isn`t a regular source of earning like the last two. this the best way to earn money on a part-time basis, you can go to the Android Play Store or iOS App Store and install the app on your mobile. You can fill up a survey form and win Google Play credits. This online surveys can be completed by anybody very easily. Google opinion rewards allow you to earn Google play credits, last you can use them to buy any kind of paid apps.


  1. Amazon online jobs

Amazon is one of the most popular and respected shopping portals. Aside from shopping online, you can also earn money with Amazon. Most of the internet online jobs are easy and anybody with basic knowledge of internet and English can do it. With some of their available options, people are making thousands of dollars monthly.

  1. Data entry jobs

There are various types of data entry jobs available globally. Some good companies pay money for anybody that works for them as a data entry operator. Some companies pay between  $200 to $300 for data entry jobs. A very good typing skill is required for anybody to gain relevance in this.

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  1. Freelancing jobs

Freelance means service provision for one’s clients. Most clients are temporary, one can decide to leave them as and when he/she wants. Is possible to work on your own terms and still work away with that while making a lot of money. Freelancing jobs is one of the best jobs to make money very greatly online. All one needed is skills and good commitment These skills include writing, online promotion, creating videos, photography, coding, singing, advising, image editing and a lot more. To start you can visit any of the various freelancing websites where you can signup and get lots of freelance work online.

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