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15 Best Jobs For Teenagers That Pay Well

Best Jobs For Teenagers

Unlike some countries where there may be laws restricting teenagers or limiting the employability age of individuals, there are many others that make it possible for young people to engage themselves in useful ventures and get paid for that. While there are many of such jobs available, looking for the best jobs for teenagers could be quite a task.

Below are 15 of such jobs on the market for anyone between 15 to 19 years old:

Best Jobs For Teenagers

Best jobs for teenagers
Best jobs for teenagers (Image Source)

1. Tutorship

If you are an A student in different subjects in school then this should be a wonderful opportunity for you to exploit.  You can actually turn your passion to your advantage into a profitable asset by becoming a tutor.

Been a tutor make you to impact other peers of your age group and also developed yourself in the process of helping them achieved there weak sides. The great joy about tutoring work is that its gives you right to charge any amount.

You could charge hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the time you taught.

2. Car wash attendant

If you are passionate about working with machine gadgets, this could be a perfect avenue to express your love for it. You could get to see more invented variety of newly produces vehicles on daily basis.

Aside from kits you would be wearing while doing your job. Car washing job is becoming popular and a lot of teens are very successful doing that job.

3. Lawn caretaker

One of the best jobs for teenagers, although not popular is working as a lawn caretaker. This falls under the broader career category of landscaping and ground keeping workers.

If you have fun working with sprinkler, trimmer, mower      , and rake then this is good news for you. Because the job involve using all the tools mention above.

Many people love presentable front and backyards, but time is mostly not available for maintenance. The service of a lawn caretaker is definitely a requirement for them to get it done for their liking.

4. Housecleaner

This is perfect job opportunity if you are willing to sacrifice your pride. It gives so much profits if your commitment is constant.

Because you can do quick multiples task within a time period in different houses and collect your paid immediately before you know it.

5. Document and photo scanner/Archiver

Your prospective employer would be expecting a zealous young teen that can be able to meet up the timeline in this line of business. In the process of scanning of photographic and documents to store as digital files, many firms need this services.

If you are the type that love good human relationship, this jobs would keep connecting  you  with different people while having peace of mind having satisfying their needs.

6. Babysitter

Taking care of babies while their parents are away is definitely not an easy jobs for many but this job if taken seriously is always a jobs that can paid teenagers or any adult very well.

The challenge about this jobs vacancy is that is more personal than all the other jobs in the list above, solid references  are essential. The secret of getting the job easily is through the recommendation of family and close friends.

7. Pet sitter

A very good working experience to get connected in this jobs area is if you have taken care of your own or other family members pets before hand. This qualification can give you an edge over other same applicants. There are additional task like watering plants and other little tasks around your clients house that may be required from time to time from you.

8. Grocery store worker

If you can demonstrate excellent commercial awareness ,courtesy and organizational skills then you are on your way to making yourself the best candidate for this jobs .

You mostly start out bagging groceries or stocking shelves as a teenager, you could serve as grocery clerk where you could work as cash register.

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9. Ebay/craigslist seller

Do you have business you know around that there selling rate is most appreciable but don’t have online presence? you can sell on eBay and make profit via affiliate partnership . Or you got old stuff of yours that you no longer use it can also be sole on eBay. As a powerful sell platform online it has proved it successes for a lot of users. once you master the strategic implore it would become a lucrative business.

10. Field marketer

Once you have interest 0f becoming a field marketer then   you need to have initiatives which includes promotions, demos, and direct sales.

You would be responsible for marketing companies brands by getting their products in front of consumers out in the field at retail locations, events, colleges campuses or in public locations. You would help spread the word about business by performing simple tasks.

11. Entrepreneur

Not many people get zeal and tenacity to endure and take risk in ventures that are profitable. Once you have skills to produce or you have invented products, whatever it is you have there is always a market for it to be solely online.

Various website can offer you value for  your invention or products. Site like eBay and Etsy can help you solve it. In ETSY you can create your store, and start selling. You can decide whether to sell ‘’made-to-order’’ items or keep backstock.


Once you have passion for writing stuffs you could actually perfect it and start making profit from it by becoming a blogger. You could start this by creating your own blog, where you write articles in the areas of your passion for people to read.

You could also reach out to blogs you follow and see if they need writers such as Rookie for freelance submissions. This would give you fulfillment knowing that you are not just making cash but also impacting your readers with valuable stuff.

13. Diver

If you have very good skills in  swimming or you can stay underwater for a very long period, then this job can suite you perfectly.

This job can helps teens to developed there swimming skills aside from saving people lives and making a very good profit of about $9 to $10 per hour.  Additional training course to keep  you up to date in this field is very essential requirement .

 14. Farmers` market Helper

Once you have an interest in  agro-economic then you are good to go for this job. All you need to do is to visit as much as you can the different local market around your area. To collects samples weigh produce and assist customers with their decision making with items prices in the market.

You most definitely be update about current issues taking place in various market for you to be so much relevant. This job can paid teens much cash if they are able to master the strategies available.

15. internship

There is this important impression that this job gives to teens  besides new  and improved skills plus the exposure and independence this jobs gives.

Though the jobs come as either paid or voluntary but the offered make by most employers is always something to look forward to by teens.

Alwys examine the potential in the offer before considering taking the job, is very important to consider this while earning cash.

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